Tesla Car Phone Mount For Model 3 and Y

What Is A Tesla Phone Mount?

Tesla mount is a practical phone holder that firmly cradles your smartphone within your Tesla vehicle. Easily attached to the dashboard, it lets you navigate, call, and enjoy media distraction-free. Discover Mighty Mount's collection, seamlessly blending fast wireless charging and secure holding functionalities for an amazing road experience. This smooth fusion enhances convenience, blending smartphone innovation seamlessly into your Model 3 or Model Y's interior.

Where Can I Install Tesla Mount?

For a smooth installation of the Tesla phone holder onto the dashboard's center console, begin by sliding it upwards and then gently guiding it downwards onto the console. Once in place, firmly press the sides inward to establish a secure fit. Mighty Mount's Tesla Phone Mounts for Model 3 and Y showcase an ingenious design, enhanced by a user-friendly one-touch button and adaptable grip & foot. It empowers you to secure your phone in position confidently.