Founded and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Mighty Mount was designed by savvy industry veterans committed to delivering cutting-edge technology into your daily life. Decades of experience and sophisticated expertise in concept and design allow us to pave the way for the new era of premium car accessories built for the modern world. At the core of our company is dedicated to quality and innovation made to enhance your life on route to your destination, and protect what matters most along the way.




As new laws take effect with heavy penalties for Distracted Driving, we are your personalized solution for staying connected while staying safe.


While there is a wide range of brands to choose from, few can match the quality and design of Might Mount. There is an abundance of reports of mounts interfering with phone functionality, cheaply made charging pads that cause overheating, and just plain poor designs that break down within months left a gaping hole in the market that the creators of Mighty Mount decided to fill.


Tech-savvy drivers can purchase a range of the brand’s wireless charging phone mounts best suited to their own vehicle’s needs- backed by a one-year warranty, high-end Neodymium magnets that secure your phone without interference, and the industry standard QI certification for wireless charging with the guarantee of cutting-edge innovation that leaves the competitors far behind.


The infinite possibilities of a smartphone- connection, communication, and knowledge - explain why we worry over losing more control over access to our devices. Our universally compatible mounts, with adjustable holder grips, durable bases and case-friendly designs with a wide range of tilt and rotation, mean your phone is always safely mounted while you’re on the road. Keep your eyes on the journey while we do the rest. With Mighty Mount, find your perfect view.