Drill Base AMPS Plate Mounts

Drill base AMPS plate mounts offer a reliable and adaptable way to secure your electronic devices in various locations. They are particularly useful when a traditional dashboard or console mount isn't ideal. 

What is the AMPS Pattern Mount?

The AMPS Plate utilizes the industry-standard AMPS (Automotive Mounting Platform System) pattern. This ingenious design features a set of four holes arranged in a specific rectangle. This hole pattern is like a universal language for mounting devices - countless device holders and drill-in bases from various manufacturers adhere to this standard.

The AMPS Plate acts as an adapter, allowing you to leverage this universal system. By attaching the AMPS Plate to your chosen drill-in base (using the included screws or adhesive tape), you unlock compatibility with a vast range of smartphone holders.

The Drill Base Advantage:

Drill base AMPS plates provide a secure mounting solution by allowing you to permanently fix the base to a flat surface.  This is a perfect option for situations where a traditional suction cup or adhesive mount might not be strong enough or reliable enough.  Drill base mounts are ideal for:

Off-road vehicles: The constant bumps and vibrations of off-roading can dislodge traditional mounts. A secure drilled-in base ensures your device stays put.

Work vehicles: Commercial vans, work trucks, and delivery vehicles often require sturdy mounts to hold tablets, GPS devices, or mobile point-of-sale systems. Drill bases provide the stability needed in these environments.

Customizable locations: Unlike pre-designed mounts that attach to specific locations in a vehicle, drill bases offer more flexibility. You can mount your device exactly where you want it for optimal visibility and ergonomics.

Universal Compatibility & Mounting System:

The AMPS Plate's magic lies in its universal design. The AMPS pattern allows you to connect the plate to a wide variety of smartphone holders. This drill-in base transcends car interiors. Mount it on walls, desktops, counters, or even production/customer service areas. This flexibility makes the AMPS Plate a fantastic phone wall mount, perfect for various applications.