Build Your Custom Phone Mount

What are you driving ?

What device are you using ?

Tired of phone mounts that wobble, flop & just don't fit?

Build your own Phone Mount tailored to your car AND your device.

Personalize your driving experience with Mighty Mount custom car phone mounts. Just whisper your car and phone's names, and bam! We'll match you with a custom mount that melts into your vehicle's interior like magic. Precision-engineered, not pre-fabricated. Each mount hugs your car's curves, like a tailor-made suit.

Whether you are iPhone, Samsung, LG, Tablet/iPad, Google champ, we've got the largest collection of car phone holders that cradle them all, with or without their fancy clothes (cases, we mean). Wireless charging, MagSafe, or cable connection? You choose!

And the best part? No drama, just click and cruise.

Craft your ideal phone mount. Shop Now.

P.S. We play nice with everyone: windshields, vents, dashboards, cup holders, CD slots. Basically, we're the phone mount BFFs who never get jealous.