Best Car Mount Holder For Samsung S21 Ultra

Ontario, 25th January 2021

2021 earmarked the start of the decade promising that things would turn for the better. With 2020 and the effect of the global pandemic, many companies both big and small suffered tremendous loss. Samsung was highly affected by this as well but when 2021 came, the company was able to bounce back with a series that many have praised and commented on. 

The Samsung S21 Ultra is the flagbearer of the S21 flagship series with all the bells and whistles attached to it making it one of the most sought after smartphones in the year. With the release date just around the corner, it’s safe to say that checking out the best accessories for your Samsung S21 Ultra may be the way to get the edge off while waiting.

Best Car Mount Holders For The Samsung S21 Ultra

 Accessories can come in many types but we can all attest to the dash cell phone holder as the most useful. It paved the way to a safer and more efficient driving experience. It also made our smartphones more dynamic and well-rounded. We’ve listed down the best car mount holders for the Samsung S21 Ultra. Check out the list below.

Dash To The Finished Line

Magnetic Car Dash Phone Mount

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The Samsung S21 Ultra isn’t a tiny phone. However, unlike it’s main rival, the iPhone Pro Max, it’s dimensions are slim and balanced. That’s why a Magnetic Car Mount - SMPL Touch would be great to use with it. 

With it’s 3M adhesive, you can use it case-free or with a thin case of up to .8mm thick. The Magnetic Cases from Caseco is compatible with the Magnetic Car Dash Phone Mount as are magnetic cases from other brands. You’ll get a wide range of motion and tilt with such a small and tiny form factor. The 3M base will keep it secure so you don’t have to worry about your phone falling off. 

In order to take advantage of both the wireless charging capabilities of the phone and the mounting function of the magnetic car phone holder dashboard you can put the metal attachment on the lower part of the phone. With 6 Neodymium Magnets to secure your Samsung S21 Ultra, it’s easy to mount and take off. Just align the phone to the mount and the magnets will do the rest. 

Venting The Samsung S21 Ultra 

phone mount

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Not everyone wants to use a magnetic phone car mount and in some cities or states, a windshield mount is banned. For these kinds of people, an air vent phone mount would be the best option to take. The Simpl Car Vent Mount Holder would be an ideal choice. 

It has a one-touch button grip that you can use to widen the grip. you can prop your phone up easily and stress-free. It’s universally compatible with any phone so your Samsung S21 Ultra will settle into the dash mount as easy as 1-2-3. Even if you get that non-magnetic case, you’re sure to have that stable and secure, non-slip grip that you can count on. This car vent phone mount holder for the Samsung S21 Ultra is good for people who don’t like to get bothered by things on the windshield or don’t want to put on adhesives on the dash.

Windshield Mount For The Samsung S21 Ultra

car mount

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For the states and cities that have lifted the ban on windshield mounts, you may opt to use a windshield mount mainly because it offers the easiest install on and removal among the bunch. But the good news is that we’re sharing with you a 2-in-1 mount that you can either put on the dash or on the windshield if you prefer. 

The Simpl Cradle Phone Mount Holder Car Dash & Windshield gives you that easy choice because it not only offers two ways of mounting but it also offers the most secure mount to hold that Samsung S21 Ultra. Mount your Simpl Cradle on your windshield, easily set up the holder making sure you have the perfect angle for viewing. Adjust the cradle feet for that extra security then press the easy release holder to get your phone onto the mount. Squeeze the sides to fit your Samsung S21 Ultra just right. 

Simple as it can be to bring your Samsung S21 Ultra and use it to navigate through your driving route. 

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Final Thoughts

Having any of these best car phone mount holders for your Samsung S21 Ultra will keep you focused and confident in driving. You’ll be able to drive safely with hands-free connectivity, ensuring security for you, your passengers and the people on the road.