Best Car Mounts For OtterBox Defender Case

The Otterbox Defender Case is robust and durable but can be too thick for many car mounts, causing issues with grip, buttons, ports, and road visibility. Our Car Mounts for OtterBox Defender Case solve these problems effectively.

Mighty Mount offers BEST car mounts for most thick cases & OtterBox Defender Series

Enhance your driving experience with Mighty Mount, the premium choice for a versatile car mount meticulously crafted to accommodate Otterbox Defender cases. As a Canadian leader in premium car accessories, Mighty Mount proudly offers the largest selection of mounts, including CD, cup holder, air vent, dash, and windshield options. Designed with adjustable feet and arms to cater to various phone sizes and case thickness, our mounts ensure a secure fit for Defender cases, eliminating wobbling during travel. With one-hand operation and an unparalleled grip, this mount delivers reliability and convenience on the road, providing a streamlined and secure journey for your phone, regardless of its size or case dimensions. 

Here Are Some Notable Features: 


Mighty Mount ensures seamless compatibility with your phone model and Otterbox Defender case. Rigorously check dimensions and specifications, or simply refer to customer reviews or contact our dedicated support for precise fit verification.


Experience unmatched stability with Mighty Mount's robust grip or clamp, adept at securely holding phones of various sizes and case shapes. Our mounts also feature a locking mechanism or a reliable suction cup for steadfast attachment to your car's dashboard, windshield, air vent, or CD slot.


Tailor your viewing experience with Mighty Mount's adaptable design. Featuring a flexible arm, ball joint rotation, and tilt functionality—both horizontally and vertically—our mounts offer unparalleled adjustability. Extendable arms or telescopic necks provide the flexibility to bring your phone closer or position it farther away as per your preference.


Mighty Mount ensures unobstructed access to your phone's essential elements. Our mounts feature an open design or strategically placed cutouts, allowing seamless interaction with buttons, ports, cameras, speakers, and sensors. Choose convenience with options supporting wireless charging or equipped with built-in chargers for on-the-go power.

3 best car mount for Otterbox defender cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus/Ultra & iPhone 14 Pro Max 

Universal Cup Holder Phone Mount - Grip Cradle

One of the best car mounts for thick cases and Otterbox cases is the Universal Cup Holder Phone Mount - Grip Cradle by Mighty Mount. This device is a versatile and adjustable car mount that can fit in any standard cup holder and hold any phone with or without a case. It has a strong and flexible grip cradle that can securely hold phones up to 4 inches wide and 0.8 inches thick, which makes it compatible with most Otterbox cases. It also has a 360-degree rotating ball joint that allows you to adjust the angle and orientation of your phone as you wish. The device is easy to install and remove, and does not require any tools or adhesive. It also has a sleek and elegant design that blends well with any car interior. 

Simpl Cradle 2.0 Dash Mount

This dash mount can hold your phone in place, even with an Otterbox Defender case. It has a simpl cradle that can fit any phone size and shape, with or without a case. It also has a strong suction cup that can attach to any smooth surface, such as your dashboard or windshield. It also has a flexible arm that can extend and bend to suit your preference. 

Simpl Cradle Air Vent Mount

This air vent mount can hold your phone in place, even with an Otterbox Defender case. It has a simpl cradle that can fit any phone size and shape, with or without a case. It also has a clip that can attach to any horizontal or vertical air vent in your car. It also has a ball joint that can swivel and tilt to adjust your phone's angle and orientation.