4 Things You Should Know About Windshield Phone Mounts

Ontario, 28th December 2020

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Depending on your state, windshield phone mounts may or may not be legal. There are many arguments as to whether they should be allowed but as with anything, if used properly, car phone mounts can be a beneficial tool for a driver. Let's look at the things you should know about windshield magnetic phone holder

They’re Stable

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Windshield car phone holder magnetic - especially the ones that use a suction cup base - are the most stable among all the types of car phone mounts. It has something to do with the surface they are attached to which is glass and the suction cup base. These two form a vacuum when attached together and even if you pull down on it, it only increases the pull of the vacuum in the opposite direction.

They’re Adaptable

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They are transferable to any of your vehicles and their placement can easily be adjusted to suit the driver’s preference. With other car phone mounts, once you stick the adhesive pad, it’s gonna be pretty much there the whole time. Some even come with a flexible neck which means anyone driving the vehicle can get the best view without having to move the mount around. 

They’re Durable

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With the proper care, these things can last a long time. Adhesives will wear out over time whether you like them to or not. All you need to do with windshield car phone mounts is make sure that the suction cup doesn’t get torn or punctured. Also remember to keep the suction cup away from the sun when possible to help it last longer. 

Proper Placement Is Key

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Since you can mount these anywhere on the windshield doesn’t mean you have to. The best position for a windshield car phone mount is near your line of sight but not obstructing your view of the road. The less time you take your eyes off the road, the better it is for everyone. Also consider your reach. If you really need to fiddle with your phone while driving, it should be accessible to you so as to minimize the time your hand is off the wheel. 

Designed For Everyone

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When we designed our windshield car phone mounts, we thought of everyone. If you can’t legally attach your car phone mount on your windshield, we provide a dashboard pad with our windshield car phone mounts so you have the option of placing the mount on your dash instead. Whether you decide to dash or windshield mount your car phone holder, remember to always stay safe on the road.