9 Great Gift Ideas For Dad

Father’s day is just around the corner but you still have time to shop around for gifts for your dad. A simple message or even video call would mean a lot to him but you shouldn’t just keep in touch during special occasions. That said, we’ve rounded up the best techie gift ideas so you can reliably keep in touch whenever you decide to call just to say hi. 

Charging Solutions

It would be difficult to stay in touch when your dad’s phone is low on battery. These charging solutions provide convenient and fast charging wherever dad may roam.

For Travel

Small, light, and portable - power banks ensure that your dad’s phone has a backup power supply anywhere he goes. The Stealth Wireless Power Bank has enough juice to top off his device with some more power to spare. 

It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum for that premium look and feel. Under the hood, it has an 8000mAh battery that’s capable of delivering fast wireless car charger phone mount -10 watt fast charging. This works on any Apple or Android phone as long as it’s Qi wireless charging capable. Otherwise, he can use either of the two USB-A ports. All in all, this power bank is capable of charging 3 devices at once. 

It has a non-slip grip up top to keep his phone steady while charging. You’ll also find battery light indicators there. It has a metallic finish with a carbon fiber design that looks classy and cool. It’s the perfect phone battery backup for dad while traveling.

power bank

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At Home Or In The Office

We bring our phones wherever we go and we’re always holding them. They’re in almost constant use that we often forget to check the battery level even if we lay it down to turn our attention to something else. That goes the same for our dads. So what if there was a way that he can charge up his phone whenever he lays it down? 

The Nitro II Wireless Chargers can keep his phone battery topped up the moment he puts it down. With the included Qualcomm 3.0 Quick Charger, it delivers fast wireless charging speeds to the tune of 10 watts. More than that, it can also charge his Airpods and Apple Watch at the same time. 

If he’s not into the whole Apple ecosystem, don’t worry. It’s compatible with Android devices and accessories as well. It has a slim profile that won't be an eyesore and will fit right in your dad’s office desk or night table.

3-in-1 wireless charger

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On The Road

Basically, the only thing we haven’t covered is if dad is on the road. He’ll never know when he’ll be stuck in traffic so it would be best if he’s always prepared. Investing in a good car charger is a must these days for keeping his device fully charged. 

It’s small and portable yet powerful. The J3 Dual Port Fast Car Charger lets you charge two devices at the same time. The first port is a regular 2.4 amp USB while the other has Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology that’s capable of 4 times faster charging speeds. 

With that, you’ve got all the bases covered for when dad might need to charge his phone. Since we’re on the topic, there might be a chance that you reach him on the other end of the line while he’s driving. The next gift ideas will make sure that he stays safe while doing so. 

car charger

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Mounting Solutions

Besides having a car charger, one essential accessory for any vehicle is a car phone mount. It just makes for a safer drive and is something a responsible driver needs. It’s also a great gift idea that says that you care about your dad’s safety and wellbeing. 

A good car mount should have a solid base and a firm grip. It also has to provide an excellent view of his device while being within reach. The first requirement is the tricky part. That’s because people have different mount placement preferences. We’ll get to that in a bit, but first, let’s tackle the other criteria.

All the mounts featured here use magnets to grip your dad’s device. It’s just practical and convenient. No more fiddling about with clamps and whatnot. He just places his phone and he’s all set. Taking it off is a similar affair. These mounts use 6 neodymium magnets - a rare earth metal - for the firmest grip on the market. That ensures that his phone doesn’t fall off mid-drive, which can be dangerous. Now, let's get on with the placements. 

Simpl Touch 2.0 Magnetic CD Phone Mount

As the name suggests, your dad’s car needs to have a CD player if you want to give him this. It is, however, the most stable among the lot. It’s also transferable between vehicles as long as they meet the first requirement. A CD mount is stable and convenient as it uses a solid base as the foundation of the mount. It’s also located in the middle of the instrument cluster so he’ll get a great view of his phone and make it within his reach. 

cd mount

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Car Phone Magnetic Air Vent Mount Holder

No CD player, no problem. A car phone holder vent works just as well. It’s also transferable and provides excellent view and reach. The only downside is that it can be tricky if your dad’s car has oddly shaped HVAC vent fins like round or radial ones. Other than that, it’s a great alternative to the CD mount. 

dash mount

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Simpl Touch - 360° Dash & Windshield  Mount

Now if you’re not sure what type of mount would be a great fit for your dad’s car, then we suggest going for the tried and tested car dashboard phone holder. He can place this mount on the dash or windshield as a solid base. With its fully adjustable tilt, rotation, and even extension, he’s sure to have the best view and reach of his phone. 

dash mount

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We should mention that the included metal plates make mounting your dad’s phone easier. All he has to do is to place it in between his phone and its case. However, if he doesn’t have a phone case, that’s another problem altogether and will be addressed with the next gift ideas. 

Phone Protection

If your dad doesn’t have a phone case, then you really should get him one. It doesn’t matter how careful he says he is about his phone. He’s bound to drop it and leave a dent, or worse, crack its screen eventually. It’s just more practical to have some kind of phone protection than none at all. These cases offer more than just protection. Plus, they’re also compatible with all the other accessories featured here.

Magneto Rugged Slim Case

Here’s a simple-looking yet reliable case for dad’s Apple device. The Magneto Rugged Slim Case may look like an ordinary case but it’s packed with features that other cases miss out on in this price point. 

It has dual-layer air gap technology that works twice as hard to protect his phone. A hard outlet layer prevents scratches and the soft inner layer absorbs impact. It has a raised lip to protect the screen and bumpers for the corners. All these features work hand in hand to achieve a 10-foot drop protection rating. 

It has an integrated metal plate that makes it magnetic mount compatible. It’s also slim enough that it works with MagSafe chargers. It's wireless charging compatible and will work with any Qi wireless charging pad. 


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Bond Magnetic Wallet Folio Case

Next, we have the Bond Magnetic Wallet Folio Case. It’s a wallet and phone case in one and is made with vegan leather for that classy look. It’s also BPA-free and is fully recyclable. This wallet case is elegant and eco-friendly.

The wallet has 3 card slots so your dad won’t ever forget to bring his IDs and credit cards. It features RFID and EMF blocking material for data protection as well. The inner lining is water-resistant to prevent his phone from getting waterlogged. The advanced features of this phone case don’t end here.

The detachable phone case comes in handy for those times that he only needs to bring his phone. It’s also magnetic mount ready and wireless charging compatible. These cases have the best features for the ultimate in protection and convenience. 

bond i

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Screen Flex Screen Protector

Remember that we said that some protection is better than none at all. Well, that goes for the phone’s screen as well. We know that having a thick slab of glass may not look or feel that appealing. However, flimsy plastic screen protectors are just not up to the task. 

Our Screen Flex is the thinnest screen protector at just 0.01mm. We use our proprietary flexible tempered glass substrate that’s rated at 6H hardness. This provides both scratch and impact protection. It’s the best of both worlds.

It also has an oleophobic coating to get rid of those fingerprints. It’s crystal clear and retains color accuracy that he won’t even notice that it’s on. More importantly, it retains touch sensitivity so his phone’s screen remains responsive. If this isn’t a great screen protector, then we don’t know what is. 


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Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it. These gift ideas for Father’s Day are great on their own but much more awesome if you get the full package. Now, hopefully, you won’t have a hard time deciding on what to get your dad. But no matter what you get him, we all know it’s the thought that counts.