Is Using A Magnetic Phone Holder Safe For A Smartphone?

Suppose you are asked to imagine some of the most incredible technological advancements that have added smoothness and comfort to your life without even making any extra effort. In that case, car phone mounts will be a member of this list. It is pretty fair to include them in some of the most essential and must-have accessories when they allow us to leverage several advantages like taking hands-free calls, using GPS, listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks. However, what has added an extra benefit to this accessory is its brand new version incorporating magnets. 

Magnetic Phone Holder Safe For A Smartphone - Car mount | The Mighty Mount

Yes! The magnet phone holder mounts are now available with magnetic properties, and consequently, the safety of your device has claimed another level with this innovation. Now, it's time to stop worrying about slipping phones from holders because neodymium magnets are here to help you out. 

But even with such impressive benefits, some people hesitate to get one for themselves because certain doubts about magnetic property interfere with their smartphone's working. Are you also among those who wonder, "Will the magnet in magnetic car mounts affect my smartphone badly?" If yes, you are in the right spot! All you need to do is explore this article until the end and know the answer.  

Are Magnetic Phone Holders Safe?            

Before making any investment, everyone checks out the pros and cons, and any phone accessory is no exception. Since the phone accessories support some functions and remain in close contact with your phone, everyone needs to ensure that whatever they are using is a hundred per cent safe. In the case of magnetic phone mounts, the myth that they might adversely affect your phones has always been hype. However, you will be more than happy to know that there are no cons of using a magnet phone holder for car as such. To prove this point, let us analyze how magnetic car phone mounts affect the different aspects of your phone.  

Magnetic Phone Holder Safe For A Smartphone - car mount | The Mighty Mount (magnetic car mount)
  • Your Phone Speaker 

The only time when any magnetic field can affect your phone's speaker is when you are on call. But this does not mean that it is dangerous for you to use a magnetic mount. The magnetic field of the magnet of the holder is present in the centre, but your phone's speaker lies on edge. Therefore, there is no impact of the interest from phone mount on your speaker.  

The best way to check out whether the magnets affect your phone screen or not is to keep interested in it and look out for any distortion of the image on it. Earlier, devices like cathode ray tubes and televisions were highly vulnerable to magnetic fields. Once they used to contact it, the pictures on their screen became distorted. However, it is not valid with the high-tech mobile phones you use in this era with cutting-edge technological advancement. The IPS LCD screens, AMOLED and OLED, do not work with the help of electron beams, and therefore there would be no magnetic interference on your screen if you have placed your phone on the magnetic phone holder.  

  • Your GPS

GPS is the software in your vehicle that assists you in finding the most correct and shortest path that you need to cover to reach your destination. It indeed is of high utility. Therefore, it is common for you to be anxious while placing something magnetic around it. However, you will be startled to know that GPS is dependent on satellite signals and data, and it has nothing to do with a magnetic field. Therefore, the small magnetic field emerging from your magnetic car mount has nothing to do with your GPS. 

  • Cell Phone Signals
Phone signals work with the help of radio waves that transmit the digital signals from one side to the other, and the speaker of the phone later converts these signals into sound waves. Consequently, it is noticeable that phone signals work with the help of radio waves and again, there is no role of magnetism. Also, the radio waves are immune to the magnetic field.

Four Reasons To Go For A Magnetic Car Phone Holder

A Magnetic Phone Holder Safe For A Smartphone - car mount | The Mighty Mount (magnetic car phone holder)

If you are still in the dilemma of whether to choose a magnetic car phone mount or not, then here are some of the most compelling reasons that you must consider to make up your mind: 

  • No Distractions                    

According to the study conducted by US national highway traffic safety administration, most accidents happen when the driver is distracted while looking for items like cell phones. Once you install a magnetic phone holder in your car, it at least eliminates the need to look here and there for your mobile while driving. Therefore, it enhances the safety of both your phone and you.  

  • Better Hearing 
Are you also struggling with the moments when you have to balance your phone between your shoulder and ear to have a conversation during driving, and all you ask the person on the other side is that can they hear you? If yes, it's time to end this trouble with a magnetic car phone mount. It firstly places the phone in a secure and permanent position, and since the phone is nearer to your ear, it helps you listen to the other side better. Therefore, installing a magnetic phone holder in your car is a great initiative to improve hearing.               
  • Smooth Use Of GPS 

If you do not have a phone holder in your car, you will place your phone on the dashboard or in the passenger seat. There are high chances that your phone would slip when you apply brakes in the conditions. Also, keeping the phone on the passenger seat makes you look away from the road to look at the map, and it is causes distraction and isn't safe for you at all. Therefore, a magnetic phone holder is a must-have companion for you on the roads. 

  • Easy Music Access 
Keeping a magnetic phone mount in your car provides you with proper distance between you and your voice assistant, which means you can easily play music whenever you want.

Best Car Phone Holders From Mighty Mount 

If you get anxious while placing your phone on the dashboard and or on the passenger seat every time you use your GPS, then it's time to put a full stop to this anxiety with a simple cradle 2.0-CD phone mount holder. The adjustable cradle feet and CD mount phone holder gives your phone a natural no-slip grip that you have ever dreamt of before. A highly flexible tilt and rotation help you set your phone screen to any angle that you need. Moreover, the universal compatibility of this mount helps you place almost any model of phone with any case on it securely.  

Do you want a drive full of music, podcasts, audiobooks with your phone securely placed somewhere? If yes, we have already found this place! It is none other than simple touch 2.0 magnetic CD phone mount. This magnetic car mount incorporates six neodymium magnets that secure your phone with great force. However, the magnetic field does not affect your phone at all. 

The compatible CD slot sets your phone on a robust base, and the wide range of rotation assists you in keeping the screen right where you want. An additionally startling feature of simple touch 2.0 magnetic CD phone mount is its broad range of compatibility with iphone 13, iphone 13 mini, iphone 13 Pro, iphone 13 pro max, and even Samsung galaxy series, including Samsung Galaxy 21, Samsung galaxy 21 plus, Samsung galaxy 21 plus ultra. Also, it is compatible with every case-free phone and cases that have a thickness of up to 0.8 mm.                          

If you are searching for the best grip car phone mount, then look no further because CD slot phone mount-CD phone mount is one of the best options you can ever come across. It has got the impressive feature of a one-touch button grip so that your phone glides with immense ease. The compatible CD slot helps you talk while driving, and all you need to do is keep your worries in the backseat. Moreover, the universal compatibility of CD slot phone mount-CD phone mount makes it accessible for almost all phone models like the iphone and Samsung Galaxy series. 

Are you struggling while balancing your phone between your shoulder and ear while driving and communicating simultaneously? If yes, then it's time to put an end to your struggle. Car dash mount phone holder-simple grip gives you a one-touch button grip, universal compatibility, a robust 3M adhesive base, a broader range of tilt and everything you need to protect your phone.