Best Car Mount For iPhone XR

Ontario, 17th May 2021

The iPhone XR, released at the end of the third quarter in 2018, is a lower-cost Apple product that’s still in the market until today. And even after more than two years, you can be sure that the XR is still around to entice people to get into the Apple ecosystem at a much lower price point. 

For people who are holding on to their iPhone XR to do things like navigation while driving, it’s actually a great idea. Since the XR has also proven to be quite robust and sturdy, it’s one of those Apple products that you can depend on - on a dash in a car while you’re driving. 

Let’s not forget that to maintain road safety for everyone around you, slapping on a reliable car phone mount for the iPhone XR is also essential for travel. There are different places to have car mounts for iPhone XR like the dash, cd slot or even on your cupholder. Let’s get into some of those car mount options. Here are car mounts for iPhone XR as well for other smartphones that you should be looking at:


Best Magnet Car Phone Mount For iPhone XR


Wouldn’t you like to have everything easy with just a magnetic simple touch? As more and more modern devices become essential to our daily lives, the most prominent challenge is finding the accessories that will fit and work efficiently and with undoubtable ease. That’s how a magnetic system is the best to make things easy and that’s why this magnetic cell phone holder car is a great holder to consider for your smartphone whether on the dash or a windshield.

car mount

You get into your car and get yourself ready to drive. And with one simple motion your iPhone XR is secured onto your dashboard or onto the windshield via a magnetic car phone mount. Expect these magnetic mounts for iPhone to completely attach as there are 6 Neodymium Magnets that will quickly adhere to the metal plate on your phone, making it the strongest holder you can put on a dash in the phone accessory market. 

Don’t worry about magnetic compatibility to other phones with or without cases. It’s a reliable holder and any thin profile cases up to .8mm thick like the Caseco Skin Shield, Fremont cases, Otterbox Symmetry, Speck cases and most UAG cases. Bring your phone - case and all - and secure it to your dashboard or on the windshield for that trip with the fam. And if you don’t want to use a magnetic case, you can rely on that thin plate to attach your phone to the holder.

That Perfect View

Now, seeing where you’re driving your car towards is key to safe navigation. But it’s pretty inconvenient to have to adjust the steering wheel or your car seat to see your phone screen better. Well, the magnetic Simple Touch 2.0 will do that for you whether you decide to put in on a dash or anywhere else. 

It has a wide range of rotation and an adjustable arm for both normal or low angles. Just attach it to the windshield, dashboard or to wherever you want and adjust the holder appropriately. Again, don’t worry that while you’re doing the adjustments, the magnetic system might fail. On the contrary, you’ll be assured that even with ease in removal, the holder magnets will keep your iPhone XR where it should be -on the dash and in the car, right in front of you.

car mount

Another thing is that you should never worry about that holder base coming off. The gel pad coupled with a 3M adhesive ensures your phone stays on even with the roughest terrain. You can relax via cruise control or take the wheel for a more proactive driving experience because you’ll always have that magnetic perfect view.

Best Air Vent Car Phone Mount For iPhone XR


We all know that driving a vehicle weighs heavily on responsible control. If you lose control, you end up getting hurt - or worse, hurting someone else. That’s why the phone holder for car vent is a reliable phone holder for those who want to rule the road responsibly and securely. 

car mount

How To Rule the Road, Responsibly

Being confident in your ability to drive on a road should come from the confidence that your gadgets are in top condition and your accessories aren’t going to fail. Placing your iPhone XR onto the Car Vent Simple Mount Holder is easy and customizable. Just press the button to open the grip, adjust to clasp the smartphone then adjust the depth from behind the holder. You can pull out the foldable feet to attach it securely.

Ready for Any Terrain

That cradle feet and adjustable holder grips will make you a driver ready for any terrain. Your smartphone is secured and with a wide range of tilt and rotation, you can see to it that your navigation is clear and without any hitches. There’s no need for any adhesive as the vent holder doesn’t need to be fixed to any surface. 

Compatible With Anything

Having the best car vent phone holder that can be used for just your iPhone XR isn’t a good thing. A universally compatible phone holder that can be used with any smartphone or any case and can securely offer a super-strong suction base will make it easy for you or any of your family members to drive and navigate confidently. The Car Vent Simple Mount Holder can be adjusted to accommodate up to 4 inches in width of any smartphone or case. Customize your view with the adjustable arm and consider the convenience and the safety when you’re behind the wheel even when your car phone holder isn’t on your dashboard.

Best CD Mount Car Cell Phone Holder For iPhone XR


If you’re the type of person that wants a bit more security over a simple magnetic fitting then something like the Simple Grip 2.0 will best suit you. Having a CD slot and deciding not to stick on any part of your vehicle this next option would probably be your best bet. 

car mount

Investing in a phone holder means making sure you’ve got something that will fit your phone or any other device, with or without a case. The Simple Grip 2.0 CD Mount has an adjustable length from 56mm or 2.2 inches to 87mm or 3.4 inches that you can be sure to secure any smartphone, especially the XR. 

Easy Open with a Strong Grip

One thing you could worry about is the inconvenience of having a grip on your car phone holder. Most would think it would take too much effort to pry it out just to put your phone onto it, unlike with a magnetic system but the SIMPLE GRIP 2.0 has a one-touch button grip that easily adjusts the width of the grip with a simple touch of a button. The grip will release and you can put in your iPhone XR with no hassle at all. But you don’t need to worry about security as it grips firmly when you need it to hold on. 

car mount

There’s no need for an adhesive to attach to your dashboard or windshield or any surface on your car. Just make sure your vehicle has that CD slot to mount it and your iPhone XR will be firmly placed on the holder even during the roughest terrain.

Universally Compatible

And did we mention that it can fit in any smartphone? It’s grip has an adjustable length from 56mm to 87mm and the telescopic neck can be extended up until 91mm for that ultra convenient alignment. That’s what simple grip means - talk and drive freely without having to worry about anything falling over the dashboard. The best thing is that if you want a holder with a magnetic system instead of a grip or cradle there’s that mount option as well.


The ultimate hold and manuverability is the key to a great mount. The SIMPLE CRADLE 2.0 360° DASH & WINDSHIELD MOUNT provides the easiest and most secure way to dock your XR while you're driving your car or keep it visible and ready to use like a desk clock while docked on the dashboard. The premium spring loaded cradle automatically adjusts to fit different models of smartphones, and the non-skid grippers hold your phone or case tightly without damaging the finish, even on bumpy roads.

car mount

With the all new adjustable holder grips (versus the old push style holder grips) to fit virtually any smartphone, tablet, or GPS with or without a case on. The feet of Cradle 2.0 are made to be adjustable in order to accommodate phones with cases or skins on, like an Otterbox Defender Series or LifeProof Case.

Reliable with it’s wide range of tilt, super strong suction base and adjustable arm - there’s nothing more simple nor more convenient. Mount then talk and drive safely with confidence.


car mount


They say reach is important especially when driving. Everything has to be within reach to make navigation while driving safe and convenient. The super strength suction cup is compatible with all car dashboards and windshields; includes an Integrated rotation ball and comprehensive articulating arm for superior positioning, making this product the most versatile mount on the market today. Mounts with this much flexibility is an investment as precious as your XR itself.


car mount

If you want more than a car phone mount on the dashboard and aim to use that wireless charging capability of the XR while on the road then nothing will beat the Wireless Car Charger Phone Mount -10 Watt Fast Charging. For that extra feature and excellent design, these mounts are the best choice for serious drivers.

Final Thoughts

Bottomline is any holder that will allow you to drive safely with hands-free connectivity should be considered over not having any at all. What is necessary for all drivers is the mindset that responsible driving should take precedence. Creating that situation where driving is fun and safe will be the cornerstone of ultimate security for you and for your passengers, as well as the people on the road, during your everyday travel. Whether you decide to put your mounts for Apple iPhone on the dashboard, cd slot or windshield what’s important is the decision to invest in keeping you, your passengers and everyone on the road safe.