Best Car Mounts For Galaxy S10 Series

Ontario, 12th April 2021

All the phones in the Samsung Galaxy S10 line are great devices. They’re worthy phones to mark Samsung’s 10th anniversary. In typical Samsung fashion, they’ve packed all the latest tech and then some into this flagship line. They’re also winning in the design department with an excellent execution of the infinity-O display which offers a larger screen real estate with a cleaner look. These incremental improvements add up and make it worth considering upgrading your year-old device. 

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If you’re upgrading from a flagship device, you’ll get the same experience you’d expect from phones of this price range. But if you’re coming from mid-tier or entry level devices you’ll notice the difference. The same goes with our new line up of car mounts. You may not notice much of a difference from their previous iterations because we’ve put in the same elements that make them great. But if you’ve used other magnetic cell phone car mount in the past, you’ll be surprised with the build quality and ingenuity that went into our new best car mounts.

Car Mount For Samsung Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 has been out for quite some time already. Despite being 2 generations old, it’s still a capable device that can hold its own with other current flagships. As a daily driver, it makes your life easier with its advanced features and all day battery life. It’s the standard everything-included-in-it phone from Samsung that makes you think that you really need to upgrade. When choosing a car mount for your Galaxy S10, nothing can give you the same ease of use like this one.

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Simple Touch - Magnetic 360° Dash & Windshield Mount

Nothing beats the convenience of having a magnetic mount. With no moving parts, it’s a simple yet elegant car mount that’s easy to use. You can choose to either mount it to the windshield or the dashboard with the help of the dashboard mounting plate. The suction cup base of this magnetic mount is super strong and stays put through the roughest of roads and bumps. The last thing you want is your mount and phone falling to the floor mid-drive which can be a distraction and can also pose a threat to your safety. But once the car mount is firmly in place, using it is a breeze. We’ve provided 2 metal plates that you can conveniently slip in between your device and it’s case. Once there, all you need to do is place your device on the magnetic phone holder and let the magnets do the rest. In terms of grip, the 6 neodymium magnets on the phone holder are among the strongest you can find. They hold your Galaxy S10 tight with the slightest contact with the metal plate. Even when you put the metal plate between your smartphone and its case, your Galaxy S10 won’t slide off of the magnetic mount no matter what the terrain. This magnetic car phone holder can swivel 360° and lets you adjust for tilt and rotation to get the perfect view of your device. Mount your Samsung Galaxy S10 with ease with the Simple Touch 2.0 Magnetic 360° Dash & Windshield Mount.

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Car Mount for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the perfect road companion. With its wide 6.4 inch display, you have a large screen to help you navigate your way, watch movies during pit stops, or read up on must-see attractions in your next destination. All that screen real estate can have some drawbacks. For some, the smartphone may feel unwieldy and the bigger size means more weight. Given its size, finding the right mount to attach the S10 Plus can be quite a challenge. The right mount for the S10 Plus should not only make your drive safe but also keep it from falling off as well.

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Simple Cradle 2.0 CD Phone Mount Holder

Now we have the car holder cradle designed for larger devices like your Samsung S10 Plus. The Simple Cradle 2.0 CD Mount has our widest phone mount grips yet which opens up as much as 4 inches. That’s large enough to fit the largest of smartphones even with bulky cases on. With that size and added bulk comes more weight. The Simple Cradle 2.0 has cradle feet to help support your device as you mount and unmount it. To mount your device, just place it on the cradle and squeeze the grips firmly. Rubber pads on the grips ensure that you don’t scratch or damage your phone. They also help to hold your phone in place amidst bumps and rough roads. All it takes to take your smartphone off is just a push of a button. Make sure that you have your mobile phone in an upright position then push the quick release button on the side. Don’t worry, the cradle feet are there to help support your smartphone so it doesn’t fall to your car’s floor. But a great car holder cradle is only as good as its base. In that sense, nothing beats the stability of a CD mount. It doesn’t rely on adhesives that can degrade over time nor is it affected by different dashboard surfaces. All you need is a car audio system with a CD player and you can mount your phone in your vehicle as far as the open road takes you. Now you got yourself a car mount for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus that’s rock solid stable for miles ahead.

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Car Mount For Samsung Galaxy S10e

The Galaxy S10e is the “essential” small form factor phone from Samsung. Essential here meaning that they kept the bare minimum needed in order for you to still get that flagship phone experience, but don’t take that negatively. The S10e is still a great smartphone which you can get for a relatively cheaper price. It’s zippy, has a great screen, and decent cameras. It’s also handy given its small size. But when using it for navigating, seeing smaller details may be difficult. The next mount is perfect for the Samsung S10e.

Simple Grip - Dash & Windshield Mount 360°

Now don’t be fooled by its small profile. This mount is more than capable of gripping any phone but is more suited for the likes of the Galaxy S10e. This also won’t make your dashboard look too cluttered should you choose to place it on the dashboard or the windshield of your vehicle. More importantly, it won’t obstruct your view of the road. Placing your Galaxy S10 on this mount is easy as pulling the grips apart and resting your smartphone on the holder. The one-touch button automatically triggers and firmly gips your phone once it’s placed on the holder, making for a hassle free experience. The adjustable arm delivers both high and low viewing angles and has a wide range of tilt and rotation. Additionally, it can extend to bring your smartphone closer to you. That’s sure to come in handy when you need to look at the little details.

Mounting Your Galaxy S10 To The Future

The Galaxy S10 line like all of Samsung’s flagship phones are an amalgam of the best technologies available. They’re definitely at the cutting edge of the mobile industry. All 3 phones also boast fast wireless charging which should come in handy when using a navigation app for long drives. Given the smaller batteries on these phones compared to current flagships and how draining navigation apps can be, you may end up having little to no battery left when you reach your destination. That’s why this next car phone mount is the best option for your Galaxy S10. 

wireless car charger mount

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Fast Wireless Car Charger Phone Mount - 10 Watt Fast Charging

This car mount is like something out of a science fiction movie with its advanced features. Once you’ve installed it on your air vent and plugged in the bundled Quick Charge 3.0 charger, all you need to do is tap the car holder cradle and watch the magic happen. This will automatically open up the grips of the car mount. Once your Galaxy S10 is placed on the mount, the grips automatically close but it doesn’t end there. This mount is also a fast wireless charger and can charge your phone with up to 10 watts of power. The fast wireless charging function is compatible with any Qi enabled phone including your Samsung Galaxy S10 device. Since it’s Qi certified, this fast wireless charging car mount has a host of safety features that will prevent it from damaging your phone. What’s more, you can manually turn off the charging function of this car mount. Releasing your smartphone from the mount is done with a push of a button. Foldable cradle feet help keep your phone in place when taking your phone off the car holder cradle. Do note that the included air vent clip may not work with circular, oval or irregularly shaped air vents. Now, you don’t have to worry if your car has these types of air vents because we included a dashboard mount base just in case. Just having this mount in your car makes it look so futuristic.

Final Thoughts

As with all car phone mounts we put full emphasis on safety. Just like your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone, we’ve incorporated all the best technologies, to make the best car mounts possible. Our mounts make your drive safer, and with our innovative designs, they make your phone mounting experience much more convenient.