Best Wireless Charger Car Mount for iPhone 12

Ontario, 21st October 2020

The Mighty Mount has the best wireless charger phone car mount for iPhone 12 in the market. Wires are the bane of every phone user’s existence. They get tangled, and if you have more than one it can be very frustrating to untangle them. 

Now try doing that while driving and it doesn’t just get frustrating, it gets dangerous. Our wireless charger car mount for iPhone 12 has all the right bells and whistles that you need. 

1. An automatic infrared sensor detects your phone and automatically opens the grips to accommodate your phone.

wireless car charger

2. It has two mounting options: you can put it on the dash or attach it to the vent. 

3. The car wireless charger can detect situations when normal wireless charging isn’t possible and stops charging.

wireless car charger mount

4. It has a wide range of tilt and rotation so you can easily adjust the angle of your phone depending on your position.

wireless car charger mount

The fuss-free operation of the wireless charger car mount keeps your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road while you talk on the phone. After everything that’s been said, your safety is our paramount concern.

wireless car charger mount

You will be delighted to know that Mighty Mount doesn’t just give you the best dash mount phone holder, we also see to it that we do so responsibly. All Mighty Mount products come to you in eco-friendly packaging using fully recyclable materials. 

What’s more, we are advocates against distracted driving and support PADD, an organization that helps people who have been victims of distracted driving. 2% of every sale goes to PADD and it is our hope to help those who have fallen victim to distracted driving and to spread awareness of this ever-present danger.