Best Magnetic Car Phone Mount for iPhone 12

Ontario, 26th October 2020

It’s hard to choose the best magnetic car phone mount for iPhone 12 when there are four really awesome ones. We know it’s a tough choice so we’ve put them all together in one place for you. Here are the best magnetic phone holder for car options out there:

1. SIMPL Touch - Magnetic Car Mount

SIMPL Touch Magnetic Dash Mount

Nothing is easier than mounting your phone on this magnetic dash mount. It’s that easy to use. It also has intuitive controls that allow you to adjust the viewing angle to suit your preference. 

The powerful magnets installed on the mounting pad are so strong that your phone is safe from drops even when the ride gets bumpy. The car phone mount can be easily attached to the dash with a sturdy 3M adhesive. 

2. SIMPL Touch - Car Phone Magnetic Air Vent Mount Holder

SIMPL Touch Air Vent Mount

Identical to the SIMPL Touch Magnetic Dash Mount above, the Air Vent Mount version attaches to the, you guessed it, car air vent. It has a super stable fastener that ensures your phone and mount stay in place while you are on the road. 

Very easy to install and even easier to use, this magnetic car phone mount for iPhone 12 is a definite must-have for anyone that likes fuss-free travel.

3. SIMPL Touch - Gooseneck Dash & Windshield Magnetic Car Mounts

SIMPL Touch Magnetic Gooseneck Dash & Windshield Phone Mount

Using the same magnetic mechanism as the preceding items, the gooseneck version has a longer, more flexible arm. It has a super-strong suction base with a gel pad that ensures your phone stays put through the roughest ride. 

This magnetic car phone mount for iPhone 12 works with case-free phones as well as those with cases that are no more than 0.8mm thick.

4. SIMPL Touch - Dash & Windshield Magnetic Car Mount Holder

SIMPL Touch Magnetic Dash & Windshield Mount

The Dash & Windshield variation of the SIMPL Touch mount can be attached to either the dash or the windshield, as the name suggests. It has the same powerful magnetic pad that grips your phone. As well as the same super-strong suction base that secures your phone to the dash or windshield. 

The SIMPL Touch Magnetic Car Phone Mounts for iPhone 12 come in these four variations, to cater to individual preferences. 

Aside from bringing you the best car phone mounts. We at The Mighty Mount pride ourselves on the company’s efforts to do its part for the environment. We only use eco-friendly packaging, for all products, that is 100% recyclable. 

We are also proud supporters of PADD, an organization that focuses on victims of distracted driving. Each Mighty Mount sale gives 2% to PADD as our contribution in the effort to help victims of distracted driving and to spread awareness of the dangers of distracted driving.