Best Window or Dash Car Mounts for iPhone 12

Ontario, 4th November 2020

Your search for the best window or dash car mounts for iPhone 12 ends here. Here at The Mighty Mount, we don’t just care for profits, we care a lot for the welfare of our customers. That’s why we bring you a variety of dash phone mount magnet holders that are guaranteed to meet your demands.

1. SIMPL Touch Dash & Windshield Mount Holder

windshield mount

This dash & windshield mount holder for iPhone 12 is very easy to install. It secures your device with just one touch and has 6 neodymium magnets giving it a super strong hold. It works with case-free phones as well as those with thin profile cases up to 0.8mm thick. 

You can easily get the perfect viewing angle with its telescopic neck that can adjust and extend to complement your position. 

2. SIMPL Cradle - Car Dash Mount Phone Holder

Dash Mount

This dash mount for iPhone 12 has cradle feet and adjustable holder grips that secure your phone firmly. With a sturdy base sporting an ever-reliable 3M adhesive, you can be sure your phone is safe and secure. 

Featuring a wide adjustable cradle, making it ideal for phones with bulky cases. And the grip release button lets you remove your phone easily. It also has a multi-way arm with a 360 pivot allowing you to customize your phone’s angle exactly the way you want it.

3. SIMPL Grip - Car Dash Mount Phone Holder

Dash Mount

The one-touch button grip feature of this dash car mount for iPhone 12 makes it very easy to secure your phone using one hand. You can adjust its angle for the best view using the telescopic arm with full pivot ability. With adjustable grips, it is also compatible with any phone case.

4. SIMPL Touch - Magnetic Car Mount

Magnetic Car Mount

Arguably the easiest-to-use magnetic dash car mount for iPhone 12, Simpl Touch is just that -- simple. Don’t let its effortless features fool you. This power tool has a grip guaranteed to keep your phone secure no matter how bumpy the ride gets. 

It is easy to install, easy to use, and seamlessly blends into your driving experience. 

Speaking of driving, we are pleased to let you know that Mighty Mount doesn’t just supply high-quality dash car mounts, we also do so responsibly. All our products come in eco-friendly packaging using materials that are 100% recyclable. 

In keeping with our advocacy against distracted driving, we support PADD, an organization that helps victims of distracted driving. 2% of every Mighty Mount sale will go to PADD.  We hope to help those who have fallen victim to distracted driving and to help spread the word against this road menace.