The Best Car Vent Phone Mount for iPhone 12

Ontario, 9th November 2020

The demand for the best car vent phone mount for iPhone 12 is on the rise. The Mighty Mount, true to its character, rises to the occasion. Here are the best car vent phone mounts you in the market today:

1. SIMPL Cradle Car Air Vent Mount Holder

SIMPL Cradle Air Vent Mount

Dock your phone with ease into the SIMPL Cradle Air Vent Mount with one hand. Even with this simple mechanism, you can be sure that your phone is stable and secure. The adjustable cradle has enough room to accommodate even the bulkiest cases. 

The adjustable car vent grip lets you attach the mount to any car vent effortlessly. The arm has a wide range of motion allowing you to customize it to best suit your viewing preference. 

2. SIMPL Grip Car Air Vent Mount Holder

SIMPL Grip Air Vent Mount

Mount and remove your iPhone 12 with ease with a single press of a button. The button retracts the mount arms to grip your phone. The mount attaches firmly to the air vent so there’s no need for adhesives to stick to your car’s interior. The retractable arms make it universally compatible with any phone size or case size.

3. SIMPL Touch Car Phone Magnetic Air Vent Mount Holder

SIMPL Touch Air Vent Phone Mount

There’s nothing more seamless than the SIMPLE Touch Air Vent Phone Mount. You can easily mount your phone by placing it on top of the mount’s magnetic face. The powerful magnets can keep your iPhone 12 safe without the need for any additional grips. 

Attach the mount to the car vent, mount your phone, and go. The cell phone car mount can be easily rotated to adjust the viewing angle for your phone. The ease and simplicity help you focus more on your driving and less on your phone. 

Being a car vent phone mount for iPhone 12, you will be using this nifty device in your car. You will be pleased to know that Mighty Mount doesn’t just sell dash car mounts like every other company. W strive to make a difference by using eco-friendly packaging that is 100% recyclable. 

We are also staunch supporters of PADD, an organization that focuses on victims of distracted driving. For every Mighty Mount sale, 2% will be given to PADD.  In this way, we can somehow help victims of distracted driving and help prevent possible accidents by spreading awareness.