Uber Driver's Essentials For The Road

Ontario, 14th November 2020

Driving to make a few extra bucks is hard. With miles of unfamiliar roads ahead, your car mount should be tough for the bumps along the way. And with distracted driving laws in place, holding your phone while driving can get you to lose your hard earned cash. That’s why we’ve listed these essential tools for Uber drivers.

1. SIMPL Cradle Dash Mount Car Phone Holder

car dash mount

For maximum and unobstructed view, this dashboard mount phones are perfect for you. The Simpl Cradle Line has the best adjustable holder grips with cradle feet capable of holding any size phone with case to boot. It makes sure your phone stays in place with the sturdy suction base and gel pad.  

2. SIMPL Cradle Dash & Windshield Mount Car Phone holder

windshield mount

Want to get the best driving position with the best view of your phone? This car phone holder features an adjustable telescopic arm for maximum viewing pleasure. And with its 360 degree pivot and full range tilt and rotation, you can adjust your phone’s view perfectly. 

3. SIMPL Cradle Flexible Gooseneck Car Dash and Windshield Mount

Say your passenger wants to use the car dash phone holder. The flexible gooseneck is fully adjustable for any view. Perfect for when you’re in a sharing mood. It also has a cable management clip that doubles as another mounting pad to keep things tidy.

4. Road Warrior 4 - Dual Port 4.8 AMP Fast Phone Car Charger

road warrior

Speaking of sharing, here’s an insider tip. Do you know that passengers give better ratings if they get to charge their phone on your ride? This 4-port USB wireless phone charger for car is a definite must have. It comes with a hanging clip to secure the charger in the back seat pocket for your passengers. Oh, and don’t forget the extra long cables too.