How Phone Mounts Are Making Roads Safer

Ontario, 9th December 2020

road safetyPhoto by Photoholgic on Unsplash

Smart phones have been around for some time now. Ever since the advent of the smartphone, a lot of accessories have been coming out to enhance user quality. But now, the use of smartphones on the road have created a problem. 

This propelled companies to design car air vent phone holder mounts to lessen the possibilities of accidents happening due to people looking at their phone while driving. 

Eyes On The Road

air vent mount

Navigation apps are all the rave now that anyone can go anywhere. Having that car phone mount on the vent, the dash or the cupholder takes away the need to constantly look at your phone when you’re in need of directions. It keeps your eyes on the road where they should be in the first place.

A car vent phone holder that you can either to the side or to the middle aircon vent can let you see when you need to see without removing your eyes on the road.

Hands On The Wheel

air vent mount

Having your hand hold on to something else besides the steering wheel is a definite recipe for disaster. Drivers need both hands on the wheel in case anything happens. Reaction is swift if and when something happens and a driver with complete control of the vehicle can swerve to avoid hitting anything or anyone if it comes to that. 

That’s why a truck mount can spell a whole lot of difference between a driver causing a collision or avoiding one. 

Complete And Undivided Concentration

air vent mount

Driving isn’t really easy unless you're a pro F1 racer and even they have their bad days. Crashes and accidents happen when a driver isn’t quick enough to react to what’s happening in front of them. Having that dash mount allows you to look at the road and glance quickly onto the navigation map that you’re using.  

The best car phone mount is the one that you put in the car and the one you actually use. For choices on these best car phone mounts, visit The Might Mount and take your pick