Magnetic Car Mounts

Ontario, 11th December 2020

driving on the road with phone mountPhoto by Matthew McBrayer on Unsplash

Car mounts. The essential partner to your essential gadget. Nowadays, your phone can do almost anything. You even use it to give you directions. But holding your phone while driving isn’t safe. That’s why Mightymount’s collection of magnetic car mounts are perfect for those with a fast paced lifestyle. You just get in, strap in, and slap on your phone. 

Simpl Touch - Magnetic Car Mount

magnetic dash mount

For a completely unobstructed view, this magnetic cell phone holder is your pick. Installation is simple and the included 3M pad provides a stable base to keep the mount in place no matter the road bumps ahead. 

Simpl Touch - Car Phone Magnetic Air Vent Holder

air vent mount

Need something more versatile? The phone holder magnetic is easily transferable if you have multiple cars. The wide range of tilt and rotation makes it easy to set this mount to get the best view. The mount features 6 neodymium magnets for the most secure grip on your phone.

Simpl Touch - Magnetic Dash & Windshield Mount

magnetic windshield mount

This car phone mount features an extendable arm. Now you can adjust the view perfectly whether you’re in cruise control or up-front and center. You can place the mount where your passengers can also get a view of your phone, ideal for those who use their cars as a ride sharing service vehicle.

Simpl Touch Gooseneck Dash & Windshield Magnetic Car Mounts

gooseneck car mount

Got a big vehicle? The Mightymount has you covered with this phone mount. The flexible gooseneck can be adjusted to your preference and the stabilizer keeps it in place. The stabilizer also acts as a cable management system to keep your cables nice and tidy. 

There’s One For Everyone

magnetic car mount

All the car phone mounts in this series are compatible with any phone with or without slim cases. You can either stick the metal plate on your phone or just place it between your phone and your case and you’re all set. The great thing about these magnetic mounts is that when you’re in a hurry, you just grab your phone from the mount and go. And as with all car phone mounts, they make the road a safer place for everyone. So go and check out our best magnetic car mounts now!