Navigate Your Way To A Safer Driving Experience

Ontario, 14th December 2020

In the time where technology has ramped up and has influenced more than just our social media and communications, we now have navigation made accessible to the public. In the past where only the high-end models of vehicles have access to in-dash navigation, you now have your internet and your mobile smartphone attached to a car phone mount that can access the world wide web and get you the information you need. 

But for the unfamiliar out there let us touch a little on what navigation is all about and why it’s so important.

What is Navigation?

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Based on the general term, navigation is just finding where you are and having a plan or strategy to follow a specific route to get to where you’re going. Pretty simple, right? But navigation, even before the coming of the internet, has been an important part in military and naval operations. Now with the internet’s influence, navigation is something everyone else is using while driving in a car.

What Is A Navigation System In A Car?

If up until now, I’ve been boring you with nonsense, well this is something you could be familiar with. If you’ve seen car shows of really high-end car models, you’ve pretty much seen car navigation on their dashboard. Those tablet-like screens dead center that tell you “in 100 meters turn right”. You’ll also see the roads you’re supposed to pass through on the screen of what we call the automative navigation system

Car Sat-nav Vs. Smartphone

I’m not here to tell which is better, you can actually check out some interesting face-offs between these two here. What I want to tell you is that there are two options for automotive navigation systems, at least two most common options. The Car sat-nav are typically set up in most cars if you want the pricey add-on. The smartphone option is a smarter and cheaper approach if you can’t shell out hundreds of dollars more because well, it’s pretty much free. No contest, right?

Smartphone Navigation System For Safer Driving

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You have your smartphone at the ready, that new and shiny iPhone 12 Pro Max as your driving partner. You’ll have to grab yourself a trusty CD mounted phone holder to keep your hands on the wheel - where they should be. And when I say trusty, I mean something that’s not going to cause you trouble because it keeps falling off. When you do get online to look for that perfect partner, make sure you get something that’s just for you. If you’re really not sure, here’s a car phone mount suggestion to make your search a little easier. 

Remember, if you’re relying on your smartphone as a navigation system when you’re driving, you have to make sure that it helps you efficiently. Set up a good system so that even without spending hundreds of dollars, you’re able to navigate your way to a safer driving experience.