Keeping You Safe With The Best Car Mount For iPhone 13

The latest and greatest phone is now ready for you to snatch up while you say “just take my money.” And who wouldn’t? The iPhone 13 is the best phone that’s available in the market today, albeit with a hefty price tag. Naturally, you’d want to protect such an investment with a phone case and screen protector. 

But what about those times when you’re driving in your car? Having a car mount for your iPhone 13 is the final piece of the protection puzzle. It not only protects your phone from getting tossed around but also provides a safer drive. For any driver, it’s a must. So let’s take a look at the best magnetic car phone holder for iPhone 13.

Car Vent Simple Mount Holder

A Familiar Lineup

The iPhone 13 will come in the same 4 phone lineup as the previous model. The Pro Max model is still the top dog in terms of display and overall size and battery life. The Pro and base model still have similar sizes with the main difference being the cameras. Then, there’s the cute little mini. 

With these 3 sizes, there’s no one mounting solution for all. You have to consider the sizes and weight of these devices as well as ideal mount placement. Here are the best car phone mounts for your iPhone 13. 

Best Car CD Mount for iPhone 13 Pro Max

The Pro Max model has all the bells and whistles but makes it the heftiest phone of the bunch. And with every new iteration, it only gets heavier. That’s why you need a phone mount that can do the heavy lifting to provide stability and safety. 

Our Simpl Cradle 2.0 CD Mount provides the most stable base for your new iPhone. It’s also universal and will fit into any car CD slot. The mount features cradle feet to help support the extra weight of the Pro Max and ensures that your phone doesn’t fall off when you use the quick-release button. 

Best Dash Mount for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro

Dash mounts provide the versatility you need when looking for the best car mount for iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. You can safely and securely place our Simpl Grip 2.0 Dash & Windshield Mount on your car’s dash or windshield. Plus, you can transfer it to any of your vehicles. 

Its features include a solid suction base and a swiveling arm with a rotating mount. This provides the best viewing angles no matter what seating position you’re comfortable in. it also has a one-touch grip that makes mounting your phone easy.  

Dash and Windshield Car Phone Holder

Best iPhone 13 mini Car Mount

Don’t count the iPhone 13 mini out just because it’s wasn’t popular when the series 12 came out. It has all the functionality of the regular iPhone 13 in a smaller form factor. But that smaller screen can make looking at finer details on your screen a bit difficult. Good thing the Simpl Touch 2.0 - Magnetic Mount has an extendable neck so you can have your mini phone a bit closer if you need it. Its 6 neodymium magnets are strong enough to hold your phone without it dropping to the floor due to hard bumps on the road. 

These car mounts make your drive safer by providing a secure and accessible place for your phone. The best car mount for iPhone 13 provides mounting solutions that are specific to your phone and your needs and keeps both you and your phone safe. And speaking about safety, Caseco is releasing durable and eco-friendly iPhone 13 phone cases so do check them out. Visit our website for promos and special offers on reliable car phone mounts.