Magnetic Car Mount(s) - Staying Connected & Staying Safe on the Road

Ontario, 12th June 2020 

 Magnetic Car Mount

Staying connected is important, but safety is key. This is why Might Mount offers wide selections of magnetic car mount phone holder that will keep your device securely mounted at eye-level and help keep your focus on the road. 

Magnetic Car Mount

The risks of driving while distracted are well documented. It only takes a moment of glancing away from the road for an accident to happen, which is why a magnetic car mount can help keep you connected and keep you safe. Our magnetic car mounts come in several different options for mounting, which means that no matter what you’re driving, we have a mount that will work from you.

Our Simpl Mount series has something for everyone. Whether it’s a magnetic car mount, a cradle, or an adjustable grip that you need, you will find it with the Simpl Mounts. All our Simple Mounts have a wide range of tilt and rotation, allowing you the perfect view of your screen no matter what position you prefer when driving. Our Simpl Mounts have options for dash, air vent, or windshield mounts. So, whether you’re driving a rugged pickup or a petite sports car, there will be a Simpl Mount that will be perfect for you.

Our Mighty mount's products are affordable, reliable and you can dock your Samsung or Apple device with a quick snap and keep it firmly in place over all kinds of terrain. With the car mount's wide range of tilt and rotation you can always have the perfect view of your screen, whether you’re reclined in cruise control or up-front and center. 

Not satisfied with your magnetic cell phone car holder? No problem! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to make sure our customers love our products and are 100% satisfied.

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