The Best Location for Your Car Mount

Ontario, 17th July 2020 

Using your mobile phone in your car for navigation and hands-free communication has become second nature. Yet, while you might have been able to throw away that old SatNav, you still need something to hold your phone. Making sure your phone is in an easy to reach place makes it easier to see the directions for your favorite GPS Navigation app and answer and incoming calls.

If you’re in the market for an iPhone car mount for your phone, one of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make is how you want it to attach to your car, and the optimal position to have it in. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, and what you need to use the phone for. There are three main options available.


The dashboard is the most common location for a car mount. This is also usually the place on the dashboard where cars have their display for the radio and other entertainment systems. One reason the dashboard is so great is that you can see the phone easily and it isn’t going to distract you from driving. Depending on the brand, dashboard mounts often come with either a sticky pad or screw holes to attach them. You may prefer to use the sticky pads as you can then remove it without damage. Make sure that you ensure that these are strong adhesive so they can tackle any speed bump.

windshield mount


Vent mounted phone mounts are great if you don’t want the phone mounted in the car all the time. Vents are also one of the ideal places because they align with other controls and displays in the car. If you are using a power cord to charge your phone, a vent mount will be easier as it's closer to the 12v sockets. There are some vent mounts now that also have wireless charging capabilities to make this even easier.

Because these types of mounts attach to the vents, it makes them easy to fit and remove without the need for sticky pads. Vents are a great option; they give you the best position for your comfort there are no obstructions on the windshield (except perhaps the odd bug!)


Mounting a phone on the windshield is another popular location. You can fit them under your rearview mirror, or on the side nearest your door. You will find many mounts come with suction cups that allow them to be stuck to the glass. This makes it easy to fit and remove and doesn't leave any residue. Windshield mounted holders come in many types. To get the best experience, find the one that best suits your car layout and angle of the windshield.

windshield car mount

At Mighty Mount, we have a very special design for holding your phone in place. Our magnetic holders keep a firm grip on your phone while driving but mean that it’s easy to remove when you’re parked up and ready to go. Using a car mount has never been easier. A simple touch to the 6 Neodymium magnets, and you’re ready to drive.

Mighty Mount prides itself on bringing its customers high quality products that keep them safe on the road. If you are in the market for a new car mount, take a look at our collections of dash, vent, and windshield mounts with wireless charging and magnetic hold available.