Top 7 Samsung Galaxy S22 Accessories That Are To-Die-For

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is a powerhouse and a replacement for the Note that you have been waiting for! It is anything and everything you might be wanting in terms of looks and features. The Samsung S22 model, Samsung S22 Plus, and Samsung S22 Ultra are expected to be the South Korean tech giant’s new non-foldable flagship lineup.

It is a big and expensive investment you might be making. So, once you have placed an order successfully, it’s time to look after the protection of the phone and accessories that can complement the beauty of your device!

If you are in search of the best screen protector, phone case, and accessories for your Samsung Galaxy S22, then hang tight! You’re at the right place.


1. Simpl Touch Magnetic Dashbooard Phone Holder For Car

Simpl Touch Magnetic Dash Mount

Now you can easily avoid the frills of other car mounts with the Simpl Touch Magnetic Dashbooard Phone Holder For Car by Mighty Mount. The sleek and simple car mount secures your Samsung Galaxy S22 device on your dashboard, making it one of the best wireless charging magnetic car mounts. It is designed with 6 neodymium magnets that give it the strongest hold for your Samsung S22 phone. The wide range of tilt and rotation makes it fairly easy to use and achieve just the perfect angle. Apart from a clean setup, it helps you to talk on your phone while driving with the least distraction possible.


2. Simpl Cradle Vent Phone Holder

Car Air Vent Mount Holder

The Mighty Mount Simpl Cradle Vent Phone Holder is the perfect accessory if you are someone who spends a lot of time in your car. It has a one-touch button grip that lets you adjust the grip with one single button so that your Samsung Galaxy S22 can smoothly glide in with no fuss. It secures your device to the vent for a no-slip grip. The dynamic tilt and rotation let you get the perfect view of your screen, no matter if you’re reclined in cruise control or up-front and center.


3. Wireless Car Charger Mount

Wireless Charger Car Mount

Looking for a way to charge up your Samsung Galaxy S22 while on the go? Check out the best wireless car charger by Mighty Mount. It is a 10-watt fast charging dock, a perfect accessory to power up your phone while you’re driving and keep it charged for a long time. The wide range of tilt and rotation ensure that you always get the perfect view of the screen. The stylish design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 phone mount makes the car phone charger a great addition to any car!


4. XR1 Bluetooth Sports Hi

XR1 Bluetooth Sports Hi

Looking for a Bluetooth sports headset that delivers an impressive playback time and is just perfect to complement your Samsung Galaxy S22 device? Bring home XR1 Bluetooth Sports Hi by Rockstone. It comes with a battery life of 4-6 hours and has built-in magnets. The easy access remote and the strong base with great clarity make it a top choice for most customers. The lightweight and sweatproof features make it your best friend at the gym or workout.


5. Tie Dye Phone Case

Tie-Dye Phone Cases For Samsung S22

If you are looking for a luscious tie-dye phone case that can match your vibrant and warm personality and also fit your phone perfectly, then Caseco won’t disappoint you!

From single color cases to rainbow tie-dye covers, Caseco offers endless choices that you can flaunt with elegance. This Samsung S22 phone case will provide superb protection and style. They’re also made with eco-friendly technology in line with our philosophy of sustainability. Let’s make protecting the environment a part of our lifestyle. Switch to Caseco phone accessories.


6. Samsung Galaxy S22 Screen Protector

 Samsung Screen Protectors by Screen Patrol

Screen Patrol offers a wide range of screen protectors when it comes to safeguarding your device and self too. Starting from anti-blue light screen protectors to antimicrobial screen protectors, Screen Patrol always thinks differently. If you’re looking for the best screen protector for your Samsung device, make sure to check out the Samsung screen protectors by Screen Patrol. They also have a Samsung Galaxy S22 screen protector coming up for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 series, which is deemed to launch on February 25 at midnight!


7. Flower Phone Cases

Samsung S22 Floral Phone Case

Carry the smell and feel of spring everywhere you go with the Floral Samsung Galaxy S22 phone cases from Caseco. These well-made cases will fit your device perfectly and always give you a touch of nature.

The Samsung S22 case comes with built-in antimicrobial technology to eliminate 99% of bacteria and a raised bezel for screen protection.

The handmade details on the case are a great touch and a true art form made by real local artisans from Canada.


On A Final Note

When you’re purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S22, make sure that you’re also giving a thought to its protection and the accessories required with it.