Why You Should Get an iPad Car Mount For Your Big Rig

Ontario, 3rd December 2020

Having terrible eyesight runs in your family so using the iPhone 12 is still too small for you as a navigation screen. Someone else suggested using an iPad instead so you wouldn’t have to squint just to see the path where you’ll need to go. You got yourself an actual iPad and decided to set it up onto your dash only to find out that it doesn’t fit the car mount that was designed for a smaller iPhone. 

And you’re left scratching your head.

But worry not because we have just what you need is an iPad mount.

Ingenious Design

iPad Car Mount

You’re probably scratching your head again. An iPad is way heavier and bigger than an iPhone 12, right? Yes it is. But here’s the kicker. 

The Mighty Mount didn’t use the conventional design typically used for iPhones and Android phones which are at most 7 inches in length. Instead, we’re using that cup holder to secure your larger and heavier tablet so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over. Now, that’s dangerous stuff to happen when you’re driving.

This iPad car mount provides a safe and simple way to mount your tablet or iPad. 

You can rotate it 360 degrees which allows you a wide range of motion to view it. Viewing angle here is limitless. 

The ingenious design protects the device from sudden braking, going over a speed bump, or driving on a rugged mountain road. If you’re on a trek using a 4x4 Cherokee, a vent mount isn’t going to cut it. This truck mount will work perfectly on those uneven roads. 

Dedicated To That Dedicated Driver

iPad Car Mount

This particular iPad car mount isn’t necessarily meant for cars which are smaller and can actually use a vent mount or a dash mount. It will most likely benefit those dedicated truckers who have big rigs and big cabins that a smaller iPhone will be difficult to look to. It’s compatible with the all iPads, all Tabs, and other devices up to 10 inches wide. How’s that for screen real estate and safety all rolled into one. Get one for yourself and see the difference of mounting an iPad in a car.